Growing up in Colorado, I was raised with dogs. I grew up a short drive from my aunt and uncle's place where they bred and showed Kuvasz, and I was raised alongside their puppies from the beginning. I dabbled in some junior handling with these dogs but as an adult I found myself drawn more towards the performance side of dog competition. Coming from a horseback riding background, I found agility to be the most appealing and I decided to give it a try with my first rescue pup. I had a great time training her and enjoyed the camaraderie that came from training her. Unfortunately, she was ineligible to compete in any organization because she was three legged. But she gave me my first taste of training and running in agility. So I began my search for a dog I could run in agility, maybe show in conformation and above all had potential to try other things.
Enter "Flir". I chose the German Shorthaired Pointer over the course of a year or two. I found many breeds that were known for being fast or known for being intelligent or even both. But the other virtue I was searching for was snuggle-ability. I wanted a dog who could learn fast, work hard, and run like the wind but that would be happy to just cuddle on the couch at the end of the day.  I found a line of GSPs that had an incredible temperament and had produced some stunning show dogs. No one had attempted to compete in performance venues but I was thoroughly convinced that any dog who loves to run should at least try agility. The owner of this stud was gracious enough to take a chance on me and gave me pick puppy from a litter of ten. That was my Flir Monster.

Since adding Flir to our family over 10 years ago we have gone on many adventures. Our lives have moved us all over the country, from Juneau, Alaska to Altanta, Georgia but we finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona. We currently share our home with six GSPs and occasionally breed with a focus on versatility and breeding dogs that will be successful anywhere including; the field, show ring, performance arena, service or therapy work, or hiking with their family.

Flir and I in Gettysburg in 2013. Fourth place in a large puppy class at the supporting specialty to our National Specialty. She was six months and three days old. It was the first weekend in the ring for both of us.